A number of projects in the works

I’ve got a number of projects in the works at the moment, so I’m planning on being fairly busy in the near future. I’ve got to get a professional portfolio together so I can find work elsewhere. Living in Montgomery, Alabama isn’t fun, and being separated from loved ones makes it less so. So I’m trying to do something to get myself out of here.

To be honest though, I was always under the impression that I would have to create my own thing somehow. Working for another company/business/organization these days seems unreliable and the benefits are few and far between unless you get lucky or can find the right place. I actually did get lucky in the fact that I found a job with full health benefits and paid vacation and all of that. But it’s funny how those bonuses aren’t enough for a person to stick around in some situations.

Besides the portfolio, I’ve got some artwork that I need to complete, the gf wants a new layout, Zantetsuken.net needs some love, and I’ve got to do something more with this site. I say that, even though I honestly really love the Twenty Fourteen default layout WordPress has got going on here. It could actually serve my needs for quite a long time, but this is a personal blog, which means I need to have something like my own identity. Using the default theme just won’t do. The plan is to at least build on the Twenty Fourteen templates so that I have the features intact. I can probably learn quite a bit from messing around with this.


But hey, here’s some news on the procrastination front. I actually didn’t even want to play Hearthstone when I first heard about it. It’s hard to get me to want to play a Blizzard game anymore. I played WoW for a while cause every else was doing it. Diablo III was fun for like a few seconds. Hearthstone actually drew me in for a number of days. I’ve always liked the idea of playing a trading card game. Put it online and I guess you just invented Orophen-specific crack. And trust me, when you’re losing to people, and you don’t like losing, then you never actually stop playing.

I did finally manage to put it away. I’ve actually not even started the game up for a few days. I call that a victory. Now I just need to try to get some shit done.

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