The future of Zantetsuken on hiatus and other FFXIV projects

Ever heard of a game called Final Fantasy XIV? I have. I even helped work on a fansite about it. Oh, it’s just a little unknown site called Zantetsuken. Maybe you’ve heard of it? Okay okay, so I’m going to drop all pretense here. Yes I play FFXIV. It’s probably the only game I’m really playing seriously right now. When I decide to play a game that requires more than my finger and a phone, it’s normally FFXIV. I’ve actually been with it ever since the beginning, from its less than stellar first iteration under Hiromichi Tanaka, to its rebirth under Naoki Yoshida. Yup, me and FFXIV share some history together. And that brings us to Continue reading The future of Zantetsuken on hiatus and other FFXIV projects

Scaling things back a bit

So originally, I said that I would post some new content on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays. That’s not working out so hot. Mostly because once I get started on something, it ends up becoming a way bigger deal than I originally intended. Plus, with the fact that I want to add drawings to things, and then I get wrapped up in the drawings, and…. yeah. You can see where I’m going with this. I’m a bit too ambitious for my own good. I need boundaries. Or a hug. Continue reading Scaling things back a bit