Let’s try something different

So let’s try this. New update on this blog, every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday. Why those days? Because Tuesday and Thursday start with a T, and Sunday starts with an S. Or maybe they were just arbitrarily chosen for no reason other than the ability for my mind to pick random things without even thinking about it. It’s a super power I’m quite proud of.

The reason why I’m trying this is because I want content for this site but I’m lazy. It’s a disease of some sort. A malady. I’ve contacted the CDC, Torchwood, and all the great scientific minds of the modern age and they don’t seem to have a clue about it. It’s also the number one thing that has been holding me back since I left college. I sleep a lot. I procrastinate. And then I complain about not doing anything. Ugh, I’m more annoyed with myself than anything else. Continue reading Let’s try something different