Old Man Noses

Ninja turtles used to be cool. They still are. Deep somewhere inside my heart. But I honestly don’t think they’ve been “cool” for a long time. Why am I discussing the cool factor of ninja turtles? Because I found a pretty awesome video that’s why. Since I’m more or less very much into martial arts, action-related things, any type of new video with a nice fight scene catches my eye. Imagine my joy when the guys at Thousand Pounds finally released something new today. And yeah it’s ninja-turtle-related. Kinda. Actually, it’s a “fun, stylistic (… and human) take on what a sparring session could look like between the four green ninjas that started it all.” Okay okay, I’ll stop being a tease. Check out the video below.

That’s a pretty fun display right? Would be great if the movie turned out like this in tone at least. It’s way better than the current movie version of the turtles with old man noses.


That image alone is enough to make me shudder. There is such a thing as too human. We’re hitting uncanny valley territory here, and it’s making me uncomfortable. And since when was Michael Chiklis cast as Michaelangelo?

Anyway. I’m probably not seeing the movie. Maybe I’ll watch some old ninja turtle cartoons and relive my childhood. Ya blew it Bay. I’ll never trust you with my hopes and dreams again.

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