This Is Why They Shot The Hulk Into Outer Space

Interacting socially with people lately, ie “making friends”, has just seemed to get more and more difficult for me lately. It was easier when I was younger. I was actually fairly socially adept. But as I’ve gotten older it feels like more and more of a disconnect with other people around me. I’ve been called mean and harsh, and I’m fairly sure I can get obnoxious as well. It’s more or less a little disappointing. I don’t really want to talk to other people anymore, especially if I feel like speaking with them will only get me labeled as a jerk. I mean, a choice between talking to my heart’s content and being called a jerk, or just keeping my mouth closed and keeping to myself entirely doesn’t seem like a choice at all. I’d shut my face every time. And on the off chance I forget and actually speak to other people, I don’t think it’d take too long for me to be reminded of why I shouldn’t be talking. Continue reading This Is Why They Shot The Hulk Into Outer Space

Getting started (Part deux)

Staring at my particularly bare site here, I’ve realized it’s harder to get started than I would’ve liked. I have a lot of ideas swimming in my head that I want to see here. I have a lot of stories to tell. I have a desire to focus on drawing and actual artwork as much as possible. And I have a desire to say as much as I can about whatever I can. And now I can’t help but feel like the guy who spreads the mayo too thinly on donkey kong’s butt. Am I being too ambitious here? Should I narrow it down to one thing and just “stick with it” so to speak?

I guess that would make it easier. I would have a better idea of how to go about things on this shitty lil’ site ‘o mine. Continue reading Getting started (Part deux)

Getting started

So this is officially my first post here. Although it really isn’t designed to be a post. Just something to let you know that things will be here soon. I plan for this place to be the spring board for various projects that I want to work on in my spare time, including written things as well as drawings and illustrations. Eventually I might able to do full fledged comics here. One can only hope right? Anyway, I plan to update the site once a day. Content will stream in at a slow rate, and the look of the page will definitely change over time. So if you happen to find this site, please be patient with me, and hang out a bit if you like.