See you in hell.

It’s been about a year and some change since I last attempted to write anything on this site. Why so long, you might ask? Well, a lot of things have happened since then. I had a falling out with some acquaintances, my mother died, my aunt died, my brother-in-law’s father died. I basically got caught up in my personal life and lost all motivation for anything that didn’t involve me retreating inside of my own inept shell.

That’s obviously not all that happened. China has upped its Civ 5 game and has been claiming territory in the South China Sea. North Korea has been doing what North Korea does when all anyone really wants to do is pretend that North Korea isn’t a thing anymore. Jared, the King of the Subway, got thrown in jail for child porn. Kanye West was outed as the type of nigga that likes a couple of fingers up his butt. Another Star Wars movie came out, this one a sequel instead of a prequel, and people actually liked it. Gay marriage was legalized in the United States. We discovered fucking gravity waves. Apparently we learned that cops kill black people, and everyone threw a fit. And let’s not forget The Coddling— the revelation that university students everywhere don’t like to be challenged, and instead would rather be protected from reality and real human interaction.

Now I mention all of that to say this. In the middle of this personal grief and self doubt that I experienced— after a year of global achievements and mishaps on the world stage— after a year marked by scientific discoveries— a year marked by the degradation of society as a whole by university students who can’t cope with Halloween and activists who think this is the next civil rights era— after a year that told of the fall of our great hero, Jared— the culmination of aaaaaaaallllllll of this is that Donald Trump is currently running for president, and he’s winning the vote for republican nominee.

Yeah, can’t say I care about that other shit now. See you in hell in November 2016.


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