The future of Zantetsuken on hiatus and other FFXIV projects

Ever heard of a game called Final Fantasy XIV? I have. I even helped work on a fansite about it. Oh, it’s just a little unknown site called Zantetsuken. Maybe you’ve heard of it? Okay okay, so I’m going to drop all pretense here. Yes I play FFXIV. It’s probably the only game I’m really playing seriously right now. When I decide to play a game that requires more than my finger and a phone, it’s normally FFXIV. I’ve actually been with it ever since the beginning, from its less than stellar first iteration under Hiromichi Tanaka, to its rebirth under Naoki Yoshida. Yup, me and FFXIV share some history together. And that brings us to Continue reading The future of Zantetsuken on hiatus and other FFXIV projects

Mad Max makes a return in Fury Road sequel

Earlier today at Comic-Con, the latest chapter in the Mad Max series of movies was revealed. The movie is being called Mad Max: Fury Road, and will be directed by series creator George Miller. Also, as no surprise to me, it will be starring Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron, with Tom Hardy taking over the leading role of Mad Max. Mel Gibson will be busy trying not to be nuts. Continue reading Mad Max makes a return in Fury Road sequel

Marvel announces a new female Thor

There’s a new Thor in town, and even if you’ve got a guess as to who it might be, it’s still not probably what you’re expecting. And the announcement was made on The View of all places. The important thing to wonder about is what exactly happened? Apparently Thor did something to piss Mjolnir off, enough for the hammer to deem him no longer worthy and run off to find a new owner. Series writer Jason Aaron claims it’s just that. Don’t expect any twists or loop holes. Continue reading Marvel announces a new female Thor

Let’s talk Super Sentai

I didn’t know what to post today. I still have to do a lot of work on my Chemist for FFXIV post, so no dice there. As far as procrastinating goes, EVO is wasting my time with MvC3, and I’m trying to resist resubbing my Netflix account, so I more or less have nothing to do. So let’s talk Super Sentai. What’s that? You don’t know what Super Sentai is? Ever heard of Power Rangers? Screw you. Let’s get down to basics about it shall we? Continue reading Let’s talk Super Sentai

Scaling things back a bit

So originally, I said that I would post some new content on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays. That’s not working out so hot. Mostly because once I get started on something, it ends up becoming a way bigger deal than I originally intended. Plus, with the fact that I want to add drawings to things, and then I get wrapped up in the drawings, and…. yeah. You can see where I’m going with this. I’m a bit too ambitious for my own good. I need boundaries. Or a hug. Continue reading Scaling things back a bit

Space and future and stuff

The last Civilization V game I played was about a week ago. For those that don’t know, Civilization V (Civ 5) is a strategy game where you build up cities and armies and basically try to be the best country among a small group of similarly competing countries. Sounds boring to you? Who cares, it’s the greatest game ever.

My last Civ 5 game was against the AI, Deity difficulty, huge map size. After watching Marbozir do it for so long, I thought, why not? It was my first time playing deity and I kind of screwed myself over by going for the huge map setting. That’s because, if you’re playing against the computer on deity level, they have the resources to churn out cities and sprawl across the map like a swarm of locusts. Continue reading Space and future and stuff

Let’s try something different

So let’s try this. New update on this blog, every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday. Why those days? Because Tuesday and Thursday start with a T, and Sunday starts with an S. Or maybe they were just arbitrarily chosen for no reason other than the ability for my mind to pick random things without even thinking about it. It’s a super power I’m quite proud of.

The reason why I’m trying this is because I want content for this site but I’m lazy. It’s a disease of some sort. A malady. I’ve contacted the CDC, Torchwood, and all the great scientific minds of the modern age and they don’t seem to have a clue about it. It’s also the number one thing that has been holding me back since I left college. I sleep a lot. I procrastinate. And then I complain about not doing anything. Ugh, I’m more annoyed with myself than anything else. Continue reading Let’s try something different

Marvel announces Death of Wolverine, but for Storm, it was just a Tuesday

So, a while back I suddenly got the itch to start reading American comics again. Easier said than done. The difference between American comics and Japanese manga (of which I literally flood my brain with every waking hour) is that Japanese manga is insanely easy for me to get. I won’t go into the details, but there’s lots of shit to read and it’s easy to get to.

Still, I never stopped wishing I could just get caught up with all the Xmans and BatFreaks. I really used to be into this shit when I was in high school. Why’s it so tough to get into it again? Especially since I’m actively trying my best not to spoil myself so I can somehow get enough of the old books to refresh my knowledge and then catch up to how things are today. The effort I’m going through is like punching myself in the head and thanking myself for it. Continue reading Marvel announces Death of Wolverine, but for Storm, it was just a Tuesday